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Photo Restoration

Printed to perfection

Restore your photos and your memories

We first perform a digital capture of your original photograph. Next, our technicians work on the file to correct for creases, tears, missing pieces and faded colors. Once the corrections are completed, we print your photo onto your choice of archival paper. We can also custom frame your restored photograph.

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The photo on the left was taken when this World War II crew of three got their assignment. The young man on the right in the photo carried it in his flight jacket pocket on every mission. After the war the photo was placed in a drawer, the memories remained with in the young man. His son who had seen the photo many times and asked his father of his experiences brought the cracked and wrinkled photo to us and asked us if we could restore it. He wanted to give it to his dad as a father’s day present. It was such an honor to bring the photo back to it’s original glory. They look so young. They were so brave. They were the greatest generation.
Color photography it’s early days had serious fading problems. When displayed on a wall or an end table anywhere near a window, these photos began to fade immediately. Photos in albums lasted longer but the dyes used were very unstable and even these show signs of fading.
We can often rescue extremely faded color photos and create a beautiful black and white reproduction. Our prints are archival and have a life estimated to be in excess of 100 years.
Fortunately, black and white originals do not suffer from the extreme fading problems of color photos.
Not all of our reproductions are of families and loved ones. Sometimes its a historical photo of a business. We were asked to not only reproduce the photo on the right, but to colorize it in the style of early tinted photos.