Direct Mail Brings Success

Selling a house, promoting and event, making an appeal, announcing a move, having a sale, what ever your message, direct mail works to get your message out to your audience.

Mailing a letter is a simple task…

But mailing 1,000 letters is somewhat more daunting. Direct mail has remained an effective way to communicate with current and prospective customers, members, constituents, or any other group where you need to deliver a message, ask for a donation, or announce something new.
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Mailing Services we provide

We can:
Personalize your mailings with unique features such as personalized greetings, unique images, custom text and more.
Work with your existing mailing list and provide move-update information and duplicate purging.
Provide new mailing lists based on many different criteria.
Print and address your mail.
Collate, stuff, seal and tray for the post office and deliver it to the post office.

EDDM – we simplify it for you!

The USPS has a new program, EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail. It is an effective cost- savings way to reach everyone in a particular town or zip code. Email or call us to see if EDDM is right for your direct mail needs. We can help you navigate the USPS website.
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